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"Mafia: a word that is too multifaceted to be sure you know everything. A word that is too trivialized and too silent, in front of which there are who knows how many alternatives: pretending it doesn't exist, submitting, or trying to do our share."

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We are an anti-mafia association, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, made up of twenty-year-old girls and boys, students and university students who hope it will be possible to do the impossible: fight against the mafia. Some of us study law, some engineering, some communications science, some medicine. 


Reconciling it with our study plan, we decided to embark on this anti-mafia path by recalling, in the name of our association, the site of a massacre with which organized crime thought it "had won" against the state, assassinating, in 1992, the magistrate Paolo Borsellino and the men of his escort. 

We believe that commemorations and conferences, although necessary, are not sufficient for the dissemination of a social culture that aims at the definitive dismantling of criminal organizations.

We have therefore drawn up the manual CAPABLE TO FIGHT THE MAFIA which is made up of five (simple and practical) advice, in-depth with analyses, studies and research, useful for citizens to counter the mafia . 

If common historical thought wanted the mafia to intervene where the state did not exist, then today the state, with its citizens and its institutions, must exist. 

I Ragazzi di Via d'Amelio


With 5 (simple) tips

Antimafia Manual

3rd Edition 2023

Download our Antimafia Manual now

Five simple tips useful for the citizen to fight - in everyday life - the mafias.


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Youth entrepreneurship

Work is the key to preventing young southerners from having to leave their home area to pursue their dreams.

Together with Confcommercio-Foggia, we have created a path focused on youth entrepreneurship, designing a virtual desk where young people from the Province of Foggia can send their business ideas and a cover letter/curriculum.


In this way future entrepreneurs will be advised and followed by industry experts, allowing ideas born in the Province to be born and develop in their own territory.




The Prosecutor of the Republic of Foggia, Ludovico Vaccaro, applauds the initiative of young university students to undertake an anti-mafia path by recalling, in the name of the association 'The boys of via D'Amelio', the site of the massacre in which he_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Paolo Borsellino lost his life. "We must focus on young people, they are the new recruits who can help us fight illegality and crime, which is fought above all with a change of mentality and cultural growth. Who if not young people can take this step?".
The presentation of the project took place in the main hall 'Valeria Spada'. The boys have drawn up a manual of practical, in-depth behaviours, with analyses, studies and researches useful for countering the mafias. We will also propose solutions for those who are not interested: "Let's try to do something complicated for our province, let's try to open our eyes a little. We started with the premise of reaching even those who know nothing about the problem".



*Membership fee of€10 per year

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Contact"I Ragazzi di Via d'Amelio"to find out more about our association, to join or to organize a meeting.

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